Sunday, July 19, 2009

Republic of Russia vs Malaysia

1. Peoples in russia are very kind to old peoples in metro (train) by giving them seats, in malaysia u can see old peoples that will die soon standing in ktm and we sleep comfortably

2. There are many stall and even shopping centre just selling flower. Russian like flowers very much. In malaysia, if u want to set up a shop selling flower, forget bout it. or maybe u can join Ramasamy selling flower for the hindus!

3. During the sunny day, Russian go to park or playground just to sit there or sunbathing with their GLORIOUS smile:)). In malaysia, peoples will say : "apsal panas ni? malas r nak kuar tggu x panas!" or "apsal x hujan? kan sejuk skit".

4. When you go to the shop, u must buy the plastic bag to put your goods because russian didnt give it for free and it costs me 4 ruble (about 40 cent myr). To them, plastic things are pollution to environment. In malaysia we can get it for free! who cares bout pollution rite?

5. I can give 4 star to the public transport in russia. U can go everywhere at anytime. there were so efficient and stick to the time. The best thing is, u can go any station of the metro with the same price (18 rubles ~ 1.8 myr). so do the bus and tramps. we dont need to remember the price for every station. In malaysia, when we go to the counter, the cashier will say "mane?". we say "kl central". they say "rm 4.7.. eh mane tadi? kl central? rm 5.8 la dik" (sambil tersenyum sinis and train pn dah blah. kene tggu setengah jam).

6. The internet connection here are available at 5, 10 and 15 mbps. In malaysia, we have 2 mbps and 4mbps only. im using 15mbps and its so damn fast!

7. People here in russia didnt mind walking for 2 or 3 km rather than by bus or tramp. so,the traffic jam here is not so busy like hell. In malaysia, we'll say " ape barang naik bas, naik kete r senang". (tu baru naik bas, blom suruh jln kaki)

8. Mineral water in russia is expensive than coke, pepsi and etc. so we have to pay more for it!. in malaysia, peoples like coke than mineral water! did u know how valuable the mineral water??

9. Every friday, we need to go to "Petrogradskaya" for the friday prayer. we can see many muslims all over the saint petersburg came here. its a great mosque and it is the northest mosque in the world. i need to walk for about 4 km from the metro station (about 1 hour and 20 min) to reach here. In malaysia, we still ddnt want to pray and the mosque is just in front of the house.

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  1. that's wut we call th grass s always greener at the other side of fence