Monday, August 30, 2010

O my love

O my love,
Your scent like apple,
Your eyes like pearl,

O my love,
Your hair like gold,
My soul was sold,

O my love,
Your voice is my melody,
To wake me up from tragedy,

O my love,
Your skin like silk,
White as milk,

O my love,
Your touch like breeze,
Touch me,
Let me freeze

O my love,
When i see your face,
I wanna shoot you dead.


  1. bile ko tuka layout ni balik?
    haha aku suke last part

  2. like!
    your eyes like pearl . wink wink ~ ;)

  3. apsal ayat last tu nk sengal abes? haha.

    btw cbox ko xley guna eh?

  4. Leng chai : aku tukar balik layout ni. baru macho

    caca : eyes sape? aku? haha

    eqa : jiwang sekali sekala x salah

    akira : owh, nasib baik ko cakap. aku dah repair

  5. like when i read ur blog, i wanna shoot you deaD?

  6. Nadia : er, really? what have i done?! haha

  7. there's a meaning in there somewhere....
    best twist kat last skali