Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dead Romance

Dude, you ditched me because of your love life being suck? in fact, you ditched us all, your best mates. I don't know how to start this but I'm a little bit disappointed. Come on, you're a good guy, one of the best I ever met.

Maybe I'm not really have experience as much as you have in this thing but I could give you some word. Forget it dude. Your girlfriend texted me and told me everything. Look, both of you are my friend. Love is something that you share with your love one. If one of you can't share it anymore, its no point in that relationship. I know its hard being in a long distance relationship, you know with all the jealousy, curiosity stuff. Its normal. But, she's in love with someone else now. I know its cruel, and its pain but you must stand up and be yourself again.

Love isn't simple and never ever been simple. Its like you have something big, and you need to take care of it the best you could. I know you did your best but everything end now. I'll always here to support you bro. Just fuck it yea?

To you girl,
You are my friend too, but I don't think I can even look at you now. Its not your fault but I just can't accept that you changed. I hate liars and I bet you know that.

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