Monday, March 5, 2012

10 Rules by A Young Lady

Here are the rules to be friend to this one young lady that she sent to me today. The 10 things/rules that I must achieve first..

1. No bad words

2. No funny2 faces
-What kind?? ok check too!

3 No merepek things on twitter
-Am I? check!

4. No smoking
-Err check...

5. No short pants
-Not a problem, check!

6.Always say salam whenever you like to approach people. Not "yo!" or "hoi!"
-piece of cake, check!

7. Do your solat 5 times per day and Friday prayer
-I will try my best, check!

8. Talk if only you have important thing
-owh? ok then.. check!

9. Here is your priority :
Allah -->Rasul -->mum and dad-->education-->yourself-->friendship (that is me)
-Do I have to memorize? anyway check!

10. Last but not last, if you cheating I'm just gonna believe you but one thing I want to remind you, Allah always know. So good luck!
-Alright -.-''

p/s : You don't think I have some ego don't you?


  1. " 8. Talk if you only have important thing "

    This lady is a kind of serious. No jokes at all. o_O

    I can't stand with that. =_=