Monday, March 12, 2012


There's a lot of thing we both dont know. But i realized something, the things you told me just now are true. We never know what tomorrow gonna bring to us. We just have to wait and see, at the same time we try our very best to achive that thing

But I'm glad when people around me gave me happiness and appreciate all the thing that we share every day. Guess what, I'm thousand or million times glad to know that you happy in your life. You told me what you really think honestly but then complaining about your "red face" lol

We both smile but but its different. You smile because you are happy and I smile because looking at you being happy:) There's many things I wish I could say to you but I just dont know how. Or maybe its not the right time.

"si seulement vous pouvez entendre mon coeur chanter cette chanson drôle en ce moment"

Alors seulement vous savez!


  1. damnn aku bru ingat nk translate part french tu sbb aku blaja kejap haha..x igt dah~ tp aku tau coeur tu hati! :D

  2. "If only you can hear my heart sing this song funny now" Then only you know!