Monday, March 5, 2012

Double A

I am no artist or singer so its not so "sedap", but I play guitar and its my very own art. Credit to Tora for the "indirect" idea of the title and its actually initial for someone I know:). Btw, fuck the grammar okay? Cheers buddy!

Everytime I see your eyes and
I have died without a tear
To see your smile but that is not for me

Everytime I see your laugh and
Even there's no voice I hear and
Still I cant get off my eyes on you

Close your eyes
And please don't cry
Here am I
Wont let a single tears of you

Why so hard for you to see
I am here for you to breath
You don't have to feel sad
anymore 2x

You just leave me here alone
As watching you through out my door
You don't have to look back
anymore 2x


  1. pap pap pap pap * tepuk tangan - ngam bro . peduli sama mereka . janji kita soul . kita bukan masok mentor pun . haha .

  2. Tora : yea, thats my bro! haha

    Farah Izaty : ni sarcasm tahap brape ni?? -.-''