Friday, March 2, 2012

Dream Girl

I just watched this movie which was "inderectly" suggested by Miss Maybill. Thank you for that. Actually I rarely watch movies lately and its kind of busy with things I need to settle up. Since its Friday night, so I downloaded "easy A" and had some time alone in my room.

What I learned from that movies is not some kind of moral values but the way I look at a woman. Not long ago, my friend Ilani asked me about dream girl and I said I have none. So here's the shortlist of that.

Whenever I saw a woman, I like to observe their eyes. Its automatically and don't ask me why.

2. Smart
I love smart woman. Its not about the so called phd but just smart enough for me to share everything. I once met this woman and she's perfect until I asked her about this rock band "U2" and she said U2 was suck. Come on..

3. Differences
Woman that's is different from me is so hard to resist but in a good way. Its kind of relief you know.. talking and listening about the things that you don't even know.

4. Easy going
The term easy going is wide and I'll just gonna focus on the spontaneous and cool type of woman. This kind of person is so interesting.

5. Independent
There's a limit to independent. I love independent woman but not so independent and put everything on her shoulder. We share the world isn't it?

6. Realistic
I hate 'over romantic' situation. Just be realistic and the romantic gonna come by itself right?

7. Matured
I prefer mature woman rather than childish one. Childish kind of woman is annoying.

I believe that dream girls are not real. But one thing I'm sure is, any woman I'm in love with in the future I'll make her happy as much as I could cause that's what a man do.

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