Thursday, March 8, 2012

Forget It Love

Here's the thing. When someone you know telling you about this lovey dovey things and you're not sure about it, the most possible thing to do is fuck it and turn away. Walk and never look back or remember what they said.

I'm not gonna be an ass but you see, the thing you asking for is something I can't do that I'm sure its not gonna turn out to be happy ending as you said. It is something that we gonna share at both side, fair and square. You can do it as you said but I cant. It isn't fair so its not going anywhere.

I don't have to say sorry because its not my fault and I didn't start it at first place am I right?
You are a good person and you have perfect life and so do I. Shakespeare once said that love sets friendship on fire and I guess that guy was right.

Maybe there's unclear answer for me but I have rights to wait for that person that I'm being a prick once, asking her bout someone else. Isn't it?

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