Monday, May 7, 2012


Dear Lisa,

Happy 22nd birthday! Its late, I know. How the things going up there? I hope you doing just fine cause I know god will always take good care of you :)

Its been 5 years and now I'm completely know now. I found the one that complete me. As you said to me once, life must go on no matter how hard the life treat us. I guess my life now is better than anyone else in the entire universe. Its true.

Life is full with miracles. I found someone and she means a lot to me. She's humble and sweet in every way. The more I know her, the more I learn about life and about love. Sometime we do talk in this language that I'm sure you wont understand unless you got superpower up there to translate languages. Every single day, we never miss telling each other about our days and everyday my routine are just the same. Unlike her, there are so many things she share with me and I like her stories. I don't know why sometime her laptop being hit by pillow instead of me. Poor Mr. Lappy

You know what, she's a very good cooker! Whenever she feel like to eat something, she gonna go buy the things and cook. Then she will send the picture to me. So far I got pictures of nasi kerabu, cheesecake, a lot of other cakes, rendang and lot more on my blackberry. Eating is her passion, I have this picture of her and I called it "t-rex". Unfortunately I can't upload it or else she gonna get mad as I promised to her not to upload.

If only you have just one more chance to look at me how happy I am, I'm sure you gonna happy too like I do. Hey, just be a good angel okay? Use your superpower to read my blog and we miss you.


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