Thursday, January 31, 2013

Blackberry Z10

Last year when I read on Yahoo! about Blackberry, they were listed as one of the brand that gonna wiped off on the face of wallstreet market starting on 2013. Yesterday people witnessed the "re-birth" of the RIM and the newest OS Blackberry 10 as Z10 are already in market in Great Britain.

Screenshot of the OS 10

 Physical comparison with Iphone 5

Back view of Z10 and Iphone 5

To be honest, Z10 is more elegant-classy look with the casing and the screen is just so neat and simple. The looks from the interface seems like Jellybean to me but I am sure it is the best OS from RIM so far and people would love it!

Z10 came with 8 megapixel built in camera, full 4.2 inch touch screen, 8 gb class 2 microSD card, 1280x768  pixel WXGA HD resolution, and more comfortable grip than Iphone 5.

The Blackberry is well known in the business area and I still remember how easy to manage my email by using the Bold. This Z10 came with privacy setting and RIM's encrypted servers along with parental control (Do you really need parental control in 2013? )

Price? Z10 is expected to be in US market with $600 on the February.

ps : I love the appearance of Z10 and the interface. Just hoping the 3rd party apps will love it too

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Jesus Christ Descendant?

Last night I spent some time scrolling the picture I took on my tour to "hospitaalmusseum" in Brugge, Belgium. It's a chronology of modern medical and the role of Christianity at that time. They believe Christianity developed along with the medical scene. There's a lot of interesting painting and they were beautiful and classy.

Then I went to "Heilig-Bloedbasiliek" (Basilica of Holy Blood), a church which also in Brugge. Interesting about this chapel is the "Holy Blood", the blood of Jesus Christ from the crucifixion.

 The painting of "Holy Blood" on the main wall of the Basilica

The tomb that contain the Holy Blood

The Holy Blood in the relic

So I scrolled the pictures and the thing that really catch my intention is the paintings. The paintings of Jesus Christ and how he was crucified. There's always this woman, clearly painted with him. So I googling more about her and turned out that she is Saint Mary Magdalene, a woman that can be seen in almost painting of Jesus Christ.

Who is Saint Mary Magdalene?

Jesus Crucifixion and Mary Magdalene praying for him, Grunewald 1515

Crucifixion, Sandro Botticelli 1497

She is the most important female disciple in the movement of Jesus Christ. Her name stated in the new testament as the loyal female disciple of Jesus and misnamed by several Christians as "sinful woman" or prostitute.

Since 1982, people are arguing the fact wether Saint Mary is really the companion of Jesus Christ and some of them agree that Christ descendants are continued by Saint Mary. Some Christians believe Saint Mary Magdalene and her descendant was protected by group of Knight Templers. Myth in France stated there's a special group that entrusted with that duty called '' Priory of Sion"
Official emblem of Priory of Sion

Looking at the logo, I remembered something,

Yea, I was in boy scout!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Self-Driving Car by Google

Have you experienced when you feel sleepy while driving or your kids distract you in car? You got tickets for speed limit or you parked in the wrong spot maybe? Have you ever thought about a car that can drive you automatically? This is a brief video of a self-driving car demonstrated by Steve Mahan collaborated with Google co.

So what do you think? Basically it still a concept to build a perfect transportation which can be used by people even if they are disable. To think about that, I feel it is possible. I can say that Google really advancing in technology and try their best to give what people need.

I am sure you are aware of Google map. What if we sync every car on road with Google map? We just put in the destination and the car will drive itself according to the condition given by the GPS system on Google map. Google map itself is advancing from time to time and to use the system, people will be given their own account which is associated with their license so you can't use the car unless with license certified by goverment. Speed limit, traffic condition, safest and short route, all decide by the system and we just sit back and relax.

Then, we don't need any police to control the traffic on peak hours, we don't need AES, We can reduce accident and the best thing is we won't see assholes on road with 3rd class driving manner anymore.

Dialogue With Maybank

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Relationship & Women

There's time when people around me asking about relationship. Their relationship, not mine. So basically I would say the same thing over and over. Its not tips but what I believe in a relationship from my perspective as a guy

1. Treat a woman as a woman. Not someone that you think you own and have right on her. They aren't asking you to treat them as a queen, just someone you care. Even a simplest thing can make them happiest person in the universe.

2. Respect her as a human. Being her boyfriend doesn't mean you can say whatever you want to say. If you meet someone stranger, you won't say things ridiculously right? So think twice before you speak.

3. Give her privacy. You don't have to check on her 24/7, where she go or what she doing every 5 minutes.

4. Trust her as you trust someone you care. From the moment you decide to choose her, that's mean you decided to give her your trust, so do her. Never break the trust given to you

5. Keep your ego down low. If it is you fault, then you say sorry. You aren't perfect. Admit you fault and never ever hope she will forgive you right away. She is not a robot. Women have feeling too and even complicated.

6. Speak the truth. Lies won't settle up your problem. Truth can be hurtful sometime but it is better than denying.

7. Sit down talk session. When things go wrong, sit down and talk to her nicely and speak what you feel and ask what she think. Then you will know where to start the fixing phase.

8. Be a gentleman. Be someone she can rely to when she needs you. Women won't seek for solution. They prefer someone they can talk to, not Einstein. So just listen at what she want to share, won't cost you a penny.

9. Appreciate. What she did, or what she say to you, just appreciate her cause that's what a woman do when she care.

10. Never compare her. You don't have to point out their flaws and compare her with other person which you think perfect. Even Mother Teresa isn't a perfect woman. If you gonna do that, don't choose her in the first place

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Rocker dan R&B

Siapa kata seorang rocker tak boleh dengar R&B? Secara jujur, aku juga suka dengar lagu sebegini mostly ketika memandu kereta. Buat yang selalu stress ketika memandu, aku sarankan pasang lagu ni ketika saat-saat kecemasan dan diwaktu jam.

Ini adalah 10 list artis R&B dan nama track yang masih dalam senarai ipod dan mp3 kereta aku. (Bukan mengikut turutan nombor kesukaan)

1. Eric Benet
 Track name : Hurricane

2. Alicia Keys
 Track name : If I Ain't Got You, You Don't Know My Name

 3. Mariah Carey
 Track name : Angel's Cry

5. Mario Winans
 Track name : Let Me Love You

 5. Keyshia Cole
 Track name : Love, Falling Out

 6. Mary J. Blige
 Track name : Be Without You

 7. Ne-Yo
 Track name : I'm In Love

 8. Monica
 Track name : Love All Over Me

 9. R.Kelly
 Track name : Wonderful

 10. Ashanti

 Track name : Things You Make Me Do, Body On Me

11. Usher
 Track name : Same Girl, U Got It Bad

ps : Semalam aku download cerita "The Passion of Christ" tahun 2004. Cerita pasal Jesus kena salib. Aku sarankan tengok sebab menarik dan dalam cerita tu ada Monica Bellucci. Jangan terpesong akidah sudah

Friday, January 11, 2013

Jefryzal & Wanita Kasut Merah

Malam itu kelihatan satu susuk tubuh memandang tepat ke bulan yang amatlah indah pemandangannya kalau dilihat pada waktu malam yang gelap itu. Dalam samar gelap malam itu, berdasarkan susuk bentuk tubuhnya jelas menggambarkan betapa susuk tubuh yang duduk memandang bulan itu merupakan seorang wanita. Wanita itu asyik memerhati bulan di langit malam tanpa mempedulikan apa yang berlaku di persekitarannya. Semakin lama dia duduk memandang langit, semakin dalam pemikirannya.

Hari sudah lewat malam dan wanita itu masih lagi duduk dibangku kayu dan terusan memerhati bulan dan bintang yang berkerdipan. Di tangannya tersemat sebuah novel yang agak tebal. Mungkin setebal kamus dewan bahasa dan pustaka. Mungkin. Sesekali dia menghela nafas yang panjang setelah jauh memikirkan persoalan yang bermain dimindanya. Kadang-kadang pabila angin malam bertiup sedikit kuat, rambutnya yang panjang paras-paras bahu melentuk-lentuk mengikut arah angin malam yang bertiup. Jikalau ke kiri maka ke kirilah. Jikalau ke kanan maka ke kananlah.

Tiba suatu masa, dia memeluk tubuhnya sendiri. Mungkin kerana kesejukan memakai dress di waktu malam-malam begitu. Tambahan pula, waktu itu baru saja selesai musim sejuk di negeri Johor walaupun salji masih rancak turun di Kelantan, Pahang dan Negeri Sembilan. Wanita itu lantas meletakkan novelnya kedalam beg kecil denim dan terus memandang kembali ke arah bulan yang mengambang dan berbisik sendirian.

Malam bulan tanpa bintang
beribu sepi tak berteman
merenung jauh di hariku
asyiknya oh pelangimu

Kali ini dia mengukirkan satu senyuman lantas jelas mempamerkan lesung pipitnya yang bersaiz sederhana.


Wanita tersebut terkejut lantas memandang tepat kearah bangku kayu yang lagi satu. Lalu dia berdiri, mencapai beg denimnya. Mungkin kerana dia merasa sedikit segan dan janggal kerana perlakuannya yang asyik memandang bulan diperhatikan oleh mata manusia yang lain iaitu seorang lelaki bernama Jefryzal. Wajahnya yang sedikit tenang tadi terus berubah menjadi kelam kembali. Apa kerana Jefryzal? tapi kalau difikirkan logik, Jefryzal tak berbuat kesalahan apa-apa. Lalu Jefryzal beranikan diri merenung matanya di tengah kepekatan malam yang hanya berteman cahaya bulan yang malap.

Dia terus berjalan meninggalkan tempat duduknya deras. Susuk tubuh wanita itu terus hilang ditelan malam lenyap bersama-sama bayang-bayangnya. Bunyi tapak kasut merahnya juga terus bisu lalu senyap kembali

Cantik parasmu bagai primadona
baik budimu oh luar biasa
terbang selalu wahai primadona
ilusi warnamu kau sungguh berbeza

Akhirnya wanita tersebut membuat satu kesalahan kerana berlalu pergi setelah membuat Jefryzal jatuh hati dan begitulah bagaimana lagu The Times tercipta.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Jalan Satu Yang Cemburu

Petang kelmarin di jalan sibuk itu,
Dia menunggu bersama jambangan bunga biru.

Jam 5 menunggu
Jam 6 berlalu
Jam 7 kelu

Lalu datang kamu dan berbisik:

Jangan terburu-buru dengan jiwaku yang satu
Jangan cemburu haru biru

Lantas lenyap langsung perasaannya lebur lalu hilang tanpa tanda ditelan kesibukan kota.

Saturday, January 5, 2013


Little patience, mmm yeah, mm yeah
Need a little patience, yeah
Just a little patience, yeah
Some more patience, yeah
Could use some patience, yeah
Gotta have some patience, yeah
All it takes is patience
Just a little patience
Is all you need

- Guns n Roses, Patience

Sampai bila kita mahu mengingat yang lepas?

Friday, January 4, 2013

Perempuan Itu

Perempuan itu masih dengan perasaannya yang berjuta
Lalu teriaknya pada dunia :

Jangan pernah katakan tidak,
Jangan katakan itu padaku.

Sejujurnya aku mahu kamu seperti kamu di malam-malam selalu
Aku mahu kamu yang hadir buat kita menjadi satu

Bisa saja kita lakar satu keindahan dan persembahkan pada mereka,
Betapa kau dan aku telah dicipta untuk bersama.

Andai dapat kamu merasakan bagaimana tidak itu datang dan merentap  ruhnya aku,
Kamu pasti bisa mengerti aku. 

Jangan pernah katakan tidak,
Aku cuma butuh masa.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ego Seorang Pria

Egonya seseorang pria itu bisa tinggi setinggi langit
Egonya seseorang pria itu bisa rendah sedalam lautan
Egonya seseorang pria itu bisa dikaburkan oleh cinta
Egonya seseorang pria itu bisa buta dikhianati cinta

Saat manusia bercanda perihal ego seorang pria
Makanya mereka telah mengusik hati dan jiwanya

Lalu mereka bertanya ;

Apa kamu bisa hidup terusan menjadi sang egois yang berjalan suram tanpa teman dan cinta?

Sang pria bangkit dan berkata ;

Apa bisa seorang pria hidup tanpa ego dalam dada?