Thursday, January 31, 2013

Blackberry Z10

Last year when I read on Yahoo! about Blackberry, they were listed as one of the brand that gonna wiped off on the face of wallstreet market starting on 2013. Yesterday people witnessed the "re-birth" of the RIM and the newest OS Blackberry 10 as Z10 are already in market in Great Britain.

Screenshot of the OS 10

 Physical comparison with Iphone 5

Back view of Z10 and Iphone 5

To be honest, Z10 is more elegant-classy look with the casing and the screen is just so neat and simple. The looks from the interface seems like Jellybean to me but I am sure it is the best OS from RIM so far and people would love it!

Z10 came with 8 megapixel built in camera, full 4.2 inch touch screen, 8 gb class 2 microSD card, 1280x768  pixel WXGA HD resolution, and more comfortable grip than Iphone 5.

The Blackberry is well known in the business area and I still remember how easy to manage my email by using the Bold. This Z10 came with privacy setting and RIM's encrypted servers along with parental control (Do you really need parental control in 2013? )

Price? Z10 is expected to be in US market with $600 on the February.

ps : I love the appearance of Z10 and the interface. Just hoping the 3rd party apps will love it too

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