Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Jesus Christ Descendant?

Last night I spent some time scrolling the picture I took on my tour to "hospitaalmusseum" in Brugge, Belgium. It's a chronology of modern medical and the role of Christianity at that time. They believe Christianity developed along with the medical scene. There's a lot of interesting painting and they were beautiful and classy.

Then I went to "Heilig-Bloedbasiliek" (Basilica of Holy Blood), a church which also in Brugge. Interesting about this chapel is the "Holy Blood", the blood of Jesus Christ from the crucifixion.

 The painting of "Holy Blood" on the main wall of the Basilica

The tomb that contain the Holy Blood

The Holy Blood in the relic

So I scrolled the pictures and the thing that really catch my intention is the paintings. The paintings of Jesus Christ and how he was crucified. There's always this woman, clearly painted with him. So I googling more about her and turned out that she is Saint Mary Magdalene, a woman that can be seen in almost painting of Jesus Christ.

Who is Saint Mary Magdalene?

Jesus Crucifixion and Mary Magdalene praying for him, Grunewald 1515

Crucifixion, Sandro Botticelli 1497

She is the most important female disciple in the movement of Jesus Christ. Her name stated in the new testament as the loyal female disciple of Jesus and misnamed by several Christians as "sinful woman" or prostitute.

Since 1982, people are arguing the fact wether Saint Mary is really the companion of Jesus Christ and some of them agree that Christ descendants are continued by Saint Mary. Some Christians believe Saint Mary Magdalene and her descendant was protected by group of Knight Templers. Myth in France stated there's a special group that entrusted with that duty called '' Priory of Sion"
Official emblem of Priory of Sion

Looking at the logo, I remembered something,

Yea, I was in boy scout!

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