Sunday, January 27, 2013

Relationship & Women

There's time when people around me asking about relationship. Their relationship, not mine. So basically I would say the same thing over and over. Its not tips but what I believe in a relationship from my perspective as a guy

1. Treat a woman as a woman. Not someone that you think you own and have right on her. They aren't asking you to treat them as a queen, just someone you care. Even a simplest thing can make them happiest person in the universe.

2. Respect her as a human. Being her boyfriend doesn't mean you can say whatever you want to say. If you meet someone stranger, you won't say things ridiculously right? So think twice before you speak.

3. Give her privacy. You don't have to check on her 24/7, where she go or what she doing every 5 minutes.

4. Trust her as you trust someone you care. From the moment you decide to choose her, that's mean you decided to give her your trust, so do her. Never break the trust given to you

5. Keep your ego down low. If it is you fault, then you say sorry. You aren't perfect. Admit you fault and never ever hope she will forgive you right away. She is not a robot. Women have feeling too and even complicated.

6. Speak the truth. Lies won't settle up your problem. Truth can be hurtful sometime but it is better than denying.

7. Sit down talk session. When things go wrong, sit down and talk to her nicely and speak what you feel and ask what she think. Then you will know where to start the fixing phase.

8. Be a gentleman. Be someone she can rely to when she needs you. Women won't seek for solution. They prefer someone they can talk to, not Einstein. So just listen at what she want to share, won't cost you a penny.

9. Appreciate. What she did, or what she say to you, just appreciate her cause that's what a woman do when she care.

10. Never compare her. You don't have to point out their flaws and compare her with other person which you think perfect. Even Mother Teresa isn't a perfect woman. If you gonna do that, don't choose her in the first place


  1. No. 5 , susah nak jumpa lelaki yang macam tu. Lelaki ni susah nak minta maaf, Menyampah betul.. Dah selalu sangat jumpa yg jenis mcm tu.. Btw, tips yg lain tu memang betul sgt2. :)

    Btw, nice blog. Good to see it being functional again. Can I share this post ??