Monday, January 28, 2013

Self-Driving Car by Google

Have you experienced when you feel sleepy while driving or your kids distract you in car? You got tickets for speed limit or you parked in the wrong spot maybe? Have you ever thought about a car that can drive you automatically? This is a brief video of a self-driving car demonstrated by Steve Mahan collaborated with Google co.

So what do you think? Basically it still a concept to build a perfect transportation which can be used by people even if they are disable. To think about that, I feel it is possible. I can say that Google really advancing in technology and try their best to give what people need.

I am sure you are aware of Google map. What if we sync every car on road with Google map? We just put in the destination and the car will drive itself according to the condition given by the GPS system on Google map. Google map itself is advancing from time to time and to use the system, people will be given their own account which is associated with their license so you can't use the car unless with license certified by goverment. Speed limit, traffic condition, safest and short route, all decide by the system and we just sit back and relax.

Then, we don't need any police to control the traffic on peak hours, we don't need AES, We can reduce accident and the best thing is we won't see assholes on road with 3rd class driving manner anymore.

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