Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Charles Darwin and Humanism

"At some future period, not very distant as measured by centuries, the civilized races of man will almost certainly exterminate, and replace the savage races throughout the world. "
-Charles Darwin, 1809-1882

As years passed by, the theory on the origin of species, initially proposed by Charles Darwin was said to be inconclusive and unrealistic by some people. The main reason why people exclaim the theory was irrelevant is because of a simple branching pattern of evolution : Human is descendant of apes.

I didn't say I am 100% believe that theory and yet as a Muslim, we know that it is impossible. Our religion thought us the history of human started from Adam A.S which was the first first human being created by Allah S.W.T. We learned how he created Adam from several type of soils, with 2 legs for walk, with 2 hands complete with 5 fingers each, and the most incredible thing called intelligence.

Yes, humans are totally not descended  from ape. But I like the way on how Darwin thought about humanism, the way we think and the social awareness. Have you ever think how many percent we did thing based on our intelligence? Then you will say, of course we did thing based on what our mind wanted to do.

So, if that the case let me explain the thing that I am very sure every people did.

Ignoring the starving beggar on the street without even look at them? yes you did.
You kill people with your words? yes you did.
Hurt somebody to gain something you desire? yes you did.

I can conclude the intelligence of humans is not enough. There's something missing and I call it "humanism". As I look on the history, there is not a single century proved that human community achieved a total intelligence way of life. 

Roman empires? declined in the reign of Romulus Augustus, failed because of moral decay on September 476

Fatimid Caliphate? declined in the reign of Caliph Adid, failed because of decay political system on 1160

Han Dynasty of China? declined in the reign of Yuan Shao, failed because of hierarchic social class.

The root of the problem is inside us, inside human. To build an empire is simple. Money, great army, and weapon is all you need. To build a human perception, you need billion years. Hard as teaching the monkey eat by using fork and spoon.  

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