Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Happy Birthday Doc!

10 facts about Azie Nur'Auni

1. She's great in baking. I love baking but its too complicated and I love a baker too.
2. She care about people around her especially her family.
3. She take her work seriously. In whatever she do, she'll do it right.
4. Movie lover. Anytime I want to watch a good movie, I'll just ask her.
5. Really know how to appreciate people
6. The one introduce me the greatest "mee kolok" in Sarawak
7. Whenever I have something important, she always remind me to pray for the best
8. Respect me in everything.
9. I won over her on karaoke party (true story)
10. I love her

Happy birthday sweetheart! I know its impossible to celebrate it together when you're in Egypt and I'm far away here in Russia. But, we will still have chance someday :) I pray the best for you, in whatever you do. I love you!

p/s : Don't forget our deal on temple run 2. You lose, you gonna do the dare we agreed. hehe

1 comment:

  1. Hahahaha! Gambar nak pilih time gi London je. Cit. Haha :P

    Thank you love! The fact that you woke up at the middle of the night just to celebrate it with me, that itself is perfect :) And yes of course,present saya harus double triple next time we meet!

    Btw, point no.9 tu awak menang sekali je pun. Jangan nak brag sangat. haha. And be prepared to lose for Temple Run's deal.

    Of course, I love you too! :)