Sunday, February 17, 2013

Myself And The Bands

Our local music scene in Malaysia isn't much different compared to others. I can say our local underground music had evolved, with all kind of genres since 90's. I grew up listening to Malaysian rock since I was 5. My aunt really influenced me at that time so I remembered the songs from Wings, May and Bumiputera Rockers before I got into kindergarten. 

In mid 2000, I was in standard 4. The music scene in JB at that time was all about skinhead. Most of my friend have brother in secondary school whom started their skinhead band so I mixed with them and we listened to their songs. Skinhead influence at that time was huge and there were many gigs in JB here and there. There were so many skinhead bands at that time and I started to listen to  ACAB, Roots and Boots, and The Official.

2003, I went to boarding school. Far away in deserted land of Kuala Klawang. That place was like a dead town back then but I am grateful because I met many great person there. I started to listen to grunge, post grunge when I was there, after I met Iskandar, my very first friend I made right after registration session. His brother was the author of Coincide zine, from Happy Community in Masjid Tanah Melaka. Butterfingers, Madhouse, Nirvana really influenced me in music so I started my first band, "White Color Pages". It was a 3 man's band with me (song writer and guitar), Zahidil Fadhli (drum) and Amaluddin (guitar)

Amal (left) UTHM, Zahidil (right) Malaysia Airlines engineer

After PMR, we went to different school. I went to MRSM Jasin in Melaka while Zahidil and Amal went to MRSM Muar in Johor. New school, new people I met, but it didn't took long for me to form a new band. I met Aizat and we shared the same interest which is grunge. At that time we managed to form a complete band, "Strata" with me (Vocal), Aizat (Drum), Arif (Guitar), Unknown (Bass). But the band was disbanded after 3 months as Arif and Qayyum transferred to different school. 

Aizat, Melbourne Australia

After a while, Aizat joined an indie rock 2 man's band. I was left alone until my friend Fareez Ghani asked me to join his band at that time. A punk rock band. Yeah, it is not my preference in music at that time but I know music is wide so why not? We formed a 5 man's band, "Dear Diary" with me (Vocal), Fareez Ghani (Guitar), Aqif Ismail (Guitar), Ashraf Ahmad (Drum) and Azri Kamal (Bass). In 2007, we successfully graduated from boarding school. 

Ashraf (top left) Taylor's University, Azri (top right) Halifax Canada
Fareez (bottom left) Monash University, Aqif (bottom right) Uniten 

On mid 2008, I was in Unikl MIAT for preparation in engineering for a year. I met my friend, Adie and my seniors, Hasrizal and Naem  from my former boarding school there. So we formed a britpop band with me (guitar), Adie (guitar), Naem (drum), Hasrizal (Vocal) and Qayyum (bass). On June 2009, I further my study in Russia.

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