Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sleeping Problem?

Have you ever been in a situation you ready to sleep but your eyes won't close? You can feel your body getting super tired and suddenly your alarm rings for you to wake up for work?

Its a sleeping disorder called insomnia. Its easy to buy sleeping pills but to depends on them for a long period are not the wisest choice. How to make the sleeping business goes well?

1. Stop smoking.
- Bad for your lungs and heart

2. Stop drinking tea and coffee
-  To reduce caffeine intake

3. Exercise. 
- Go for a walk or jog.

4. Reschedule your sleeping time seriously.
- Stick to your sleeping time and avoid stay up late

5. Make a comfort and clean environment 
- You might want to consider the air flow and bed arrangement.

6. Put away your phone.
- Some report says the radiation from mobiles can cause insomnia.

7. End your activities or work earlier
- Take some time to relax before sleeping to prevent stress

8. Diet planning.
- Plan your diet carefully and try to reduce oily, salty foods. No junkies

9. Consultation
- Make appointment with therapist to discuss further problem.


  1. Tahniah. Tips yang berguna :P

    And may I add one more,Ir?
    Calm your mind. Thinking too much delay your sleep phase.

    1. yea, calm your mind and less imagination. haha