Tuesday, March 19, 2013

1 Year

One year has passed since I knew this one girl. The one I share about my life everyday, good and bad time together. The story started when we met on blogging world 3 years ago. At that time we just another blog fan, just ordinary. Sometime we chat on yahoo messenger. Then we lost contact.

But never under estimate the power of social networking, we met again on twitter last year on this very day. Then only we started to talk frequently, sharing and talking about life again everyday on Blackberry messenger. Somehow we both know what we both feel for each other. It took whole 3 years for me to understand it and now here we are. Been officially 1 year! 

Happy 1 year anniversary Azie Nur'Auni! It just a small step and as you said, more is coming and I am ready for it :)

Ps : This is the video made by her, our story! 

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Some Guys Are Totally Stupid

Sometime when it comes to women, the guys become something else. Their nerves become loose and can't transmit the information properly to their brain, so in other word : Idiot

1. When a girl post a picture
Some guys will say : "tomeynya"
-What the hell is that? "tomey"? come on.. She's a well  grown woman, not a kindergarten kid so don't use that word. If you're trying being cute, well it isn't but makes you look like a fool

2. When a girl check in at some place on facebook or foursquare
Some guys (stranger) will say : "Eh, dekat je dengan rumah I. Kenapa tak cakap?"
- Seriously? You expect a girl calling you and say "Eh I tak kenal you but jom la join makan sekali."? Woah, this is crazy as shit. You clearly don't even know the girl, just follow her on instagram and out of sudden that is your comment? If some girl call you and say like that, she's crazy.

3. When a girl post picture of foods.
Some guys will say : "Pos la sini jugak" 
-This is seriously super abnormal human being. That is not funny and people who said this should be beaten to pulp, then tie their hands and legs and put them in the middle of highway so they will be knocked down by some trailers and disappear from this earth. 

4. When a girl update their sad/disappoint status on Facebook
Some guys (stranger) will say : "Takpe, you boleh share your prob dengan I"
-You are definitely a stranger to this girl and suddenly you're trying to be a "pakar psikologi"? You trying to be a "genius problem solver" to her but you yourself are repeating the same semester in college. Let me picture this : A girl was so down with works and update her status and you read it. Then you imagine that after you reply her, she will share her sad story with you, you help her to solve her problem, the girl fall in love with you, 2 weeks later you're marrying her and live happily ever after. My advice : pour some acid on your face and then I'll welcome you back to reality.

5. When a girl post a picture of her with football jersey
Some guys will say : "GGMU! Malam ni MU lawan Chelsea, *bla bla history MU*
-There are 2 possibilities. First, she is really a fan of MU and no need your history lesson from you and second, she just wear it for fun and no need your history lesson from you. Both are the same, "NO need HISTORY LESSON from you" so save it dude.