Monday, April 29, 2013

Javanese Mask

I satisfied with my simple header picture. Actually I got that from Jenny Suk's wordpress so I took it from that wordpress theme. I always love paintings since I was in school but I know the good one will cost you damn much (classic Javanese painting which I prefer). Since I don't have my own place, and my dad isn't a "painting" friendly so its okay. I once have this giant picture in my room and he kept on asking me to put it down. It's my room so in that area I'm the boss so who cares? Then after some time, when I got back from boarding school for holiday, Mr. Bruce wan't there anymore. That time you can feel the coziness.. and empty at the same time. Since that day I just like the way my room is.

I told Miss Auni once that I'm gonna buy Javanese fretwork and put it in the house. She simply said "NOO!" without mercy. *sigh* I know it is not recommended for us Muslims to put things like that in the house. 

Buy this and put it on the wall, just right above the TV. Your kids won't spend much time on cartoons anymore. Bam! Problem settled!

ps : Watch out too Miss Auni. Hehe

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Election 13

Today is Sunday 28th, the voting day for Malaysian who live abroad. As for today, actually I have some work to do at the Embassy of Malaysia in Moscow but unfortunately I have a very big exam tomorrow.

Since I can't be there for support as a Malaysian, I really wish the voters choose the best for our country, for our next generation. I really wish to see Malaysia as a country free from corruption, scandals, crony, unfairness and what's more important is for our kids to feel the meaning of being a Malaysian.

Our history will never fade and from that history we learn to change. Don't be afraid of changes!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Sleeping Child of Inca

While I scrolled down the Facebook timeline, I saw this interesting image and I googled more about it. This is about the Inca empire or popular by its name "Empire of the sun" which began in Peru in the early 13th century. The people at that time lived in mountain's area and they believed of volcanoes god.

So as we all know, people at that period of time still can't fully understand the concept of god. Like in the movies, they sacrificed their "choosen" kids to the god of mountain.

The lightning girl

This is a 6 year old girl which was drugged and left at the mountain's top. Scientist believe the body later strucked by lightning

Llullaillaco Boy

This body was found with blood stains by his mouth and dislocated limb. This boy may have been stabbed and strangled before left at the mountain

Llullaillaco Girl

Finally, Girl frozen for 500 years. This girl who was killed as an offering to the Inca gods sometime between 1450 and 1480, at approximately 11-15 year old. This is the best-preserved mummy ever found with internal organ intact, blood still present in the heart and lungs, and skin and facial features mostly unscathed. She looks like a sleeping child at the time she was found. 

 Scientist examine the body based on the isotopes found in the hair.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

We Are Marines

(Left to right)- Mr. Cistiakov(power plant), Mr. Shamberov(automatics), Mr. Arkhipov(boilers), Mr. Chernov(pumps) 

This week I got bundle of projects to submit and Alhamdulillah everything went well, same goes with the exams. InsyaAllah by next week we'll done with papers and start to concentrate on the final project which will define our degree.

I got consultation at 3 pm today on the machine details, some kind of engineering subject which I don't know how to explain in english but I surely know that it is compulsory and very important to naval architectures which is not me. I'm in marine engineering field, about the power plant of ship (engine, boiler, system etc) but naval architecture more to designing (that's why there's word "architecture" I suppose?)

So after exam on SEU at 8.30 am and Automatics at 12 pm, I went back home and waiting for that consultation which is at the different building.  The important thing I'm trying to say is on my way to campus, somehow I feel I'm gonna miss Saint Petersburg after graduated. Apparently I have 2 months left to enjoy the warm summer of mother Russia. No matter how bad people talk about living in Russia, (about the system and cost of living), still I feel so grateful being here and learn on this Russian land.

The final project will start on May, gonna be hectic with my advisor Mr. Danilovski. I hope the best for the 3rd batch of Malaysian engineering students of Saint Petersburg, best of luck marines!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Little Boy

When I was a little kid, I still remember when we had a bad time. We need to save up really bad, and at that time I was just a boy in primary school.

At that time we had so many extra class for the UPSR examination. So, we need to stay back after school time for 2 more hours and the class ended at 6 if I'm not mistaken. My mum had to cut out our expenditure on my bus. That's mean I only went to school by bus and my dad will fetch me up right after work. My dad really working hard on his thing, the business and stuff. I am 12 but I can understand that economic scene was bad at that time.

When the classes ended, my friends will run to the main gate with excitement thinking of going back. Some of them by bus and I can surely say most of them with their parent. I will looking for my dad outside the main gate first even though I knew he's going to be late because of things that I know much more important at least to our family. There, I will sit at the little usual place behind the guard's room, a wooden chair with a small roof.

Sometime when its really late, I will walk back home. It's kind of cool actually walking home from school, feel like you're big enough just like the guy with green pants with fancy necktie from the secondary schools. Plus, its not so far.

I still remember this one time, my dad asked me why I walked back home and didn't wait for him. I said, its not a big deal because its late in the evening and the guard always have to wait for me to close the main gate.

And he said to me :

"Remember this time very well, when we at the downside of life. The struggle and hardship we are facing, you remember it so you won't forget the hardship of other people when you grow up someday"

It been years and now I know what kind of hardship he meant. Never looked down on people no matter how great you are. What is the use of status and money when we ignore other people in need?

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


"Love works in a magical way, like million of puzzle, there will be one completed you"

Imagine yourself searching for a puzzle to complete you. You searching for it, match it, when you feel it won't match you search again and again. Before you start to search for the missing piece, you have to know the shape that you already have. Yourself

You ask yourself at what you really want, what you really need, what makes you happy, what makes you feel bad. There, you will know the ups and down in your life. There's no single person created by god to be perfect. Human needs each other to survive in life.

Someone asked me once, how did I know that one person is the puzzle I searching for?

It's easy.

When you in a bad state, there's always "Its gonna be okay, I know you did the best".
When you have a good story, there's always an ear for you.
When you feel sad, there's always funny face to cheer you up.

Good and bad, happy or sad. Always there.

Actually you don't have to find a perfect puzzle to fill up your shape. You just need to search a puzzle that you can appreciate it with whole your heart. A puzzle that you can cheer up, listening to and share the story together with you.

My other piece puzzle is perfect to me because she complete me in a way that I can't imagine.

So if you ask me about my other puzzle, yea I found it. The piece of puzzle that I love to spend with for the rest of my life :)

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Indonesian Music

This one is classy and you can feel the classic feeling from the piano by Riza Arshad. Remind me the white shoes and the couples company band. 

I think this one is a poem convert to music by Anda and Bonita. I really love the lyric, it just beautiful and in fact I always love Indonesian's poetry. The language, how they express their feeling in words is so global, unlike us typical love poetry 

This is why I always think Indonesian's music is wider than us. The melody, the style never fade in time. Their youth is far mature in music compared to Malaysian's. Truth! 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

University Malaysia Pahang Interview

I've been on interview last week held at Oktyaberskaya Hotel with the representative from University Malaysia Pahang. Actually I didn't give my name for interview earlier and  decided to join one day before as walk-in. 

The interview wal all about the UMP's program to develop a marine faculty which consist various of professional man power from different countries such as Russia, Germany and United States. Whoever selected will be doing their masters program for 1 year and half in UMP and 4 years Phd in United states

The interview was excellent and although it is not my top priority but it is kind of a good question regarding my future. So far we got 6 successful candidates for this program out of 10 and we don't know who are they yet. 

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sekuel Kepalmawie 2

Setelah hampir 2 jam setengah berentap diatas pentas wembley arena akhirnya band kepalmawie mengambil keputusan untuk menamatkan persembahan beliau memandangkan Pian Remuk dah serupa macam Nasir Bilal Khan dalam cerekarama "Si Penggali Kubur", jenis bercakap dah tak clear. Kalau cakap pun dah tak boleh, inikan pula nak menghentak double paddle. Dari bawah stage, kelihatan Kepalmawie cuba untuk memulihkan Pian Remuk dengan air berwarna merah jambu dan sedikit jampi serapah. Namun keadaan Pian Remuk hanya bertambah parah bila segala tong drum diterajangnya. Maka dengan itu band kepalmawie meminta izin untuk ke belakang stage buat seketika.

Crowd yang hadir bukanlah orang yang kebiasaan. Semuanya memang berjiwa rock yang sejati. Kalau dalam kad pengenalan ada section muzik kegemaran, dah tentu-tentu mereka tulis disitu rock kapak, atau pun rock kangkang. Tapi pihak pejabat pendaftaran masih lagi waras untuk tidak meletakkan section sebegitu rupa kerana dikhuatiri akan mencetuskan perbalahan antara masyarakat mengikut aliran muzik dan sekali gus penerbitan majalah-majalah hiburan seperti URTV, Hai dan ROTTW akan terjejas penjualannya. Maka dah tentu tentu Kak Som kerani tak dapat membeli majalah kesukaan beliau, lalu tidaklah dia tinggalkan majalah itu di tepi mesin pembancuh kopi, maka tiadalah lagi sumber bacaan untuk aku bila minum kopi di dapur ofis dan sekaligus cerita tentang asal usul kepalmawie akan terkubur begitu sahaja tanpa dapat diketahui generasi akan datang. Nampak tak betapa besar pengaruh muzik rock ni? 

Hampir sejam berlalu namun band kepalmawie masih tidak kelihatan. Oleh kerana masa konsert masih berbaki selama 40 minit, pihak penganjur mengambil keputusan untuk meletakkan Najwa Latiff dan kumpulan Sleeq sebagai artis gantian. Najwa Latiff duduk diatas kerusi lalu meng'tune' gitarnya sambil berkata "Test.. test.. Keyell.. Keyell..". Manakala kumpulan Sleeq pula telah siap sedia mengambil tempat di belakang Najwa Latiff untuk melakukan flash mob. Semua crowd yang hadir terpinga-pinga sekejap. 

"Woii, Najwa Latiff woi!"

Kedengaran suara dari belah belakang crowd. Pakcik berumur lingkungan 50-an naik ke pentas lalu mendebik Najwa Latiff tanpa banyak cerita. 2 kali di perut, sekali di muka dan 4 kali di tulang rusuk. Najwa Latiff terbaring diatas pentas tanpa habis meng"tune" gitar beliau. Kumpulan Sleeq yang dengar ceritanya kuat di Singapura pun tak berani masuk campur. Hanya sempat menyayi intro sahaja yang berbunyi " Kuatkan radio.. kuatkan radio.." sebelum lari sembunyi di belakang stage.

"Alaa Pian Remuk ni satu hal la.. dah tau kencing manis pegi togak sirap bandung siapa suruh. Ni yang gua panas ni"

Ajib yang dari tadi diam, bersuara menunjukkan ketidakpuastian beliau terhadap Pian Remuk. Mimik wajahnya marah berbaur kecewa. Lalu ditendangnya tong kitar semula yang berada berdekatan dengan pentas wembley arena.

Bersambung lagi...

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sekuel KepalMawie

*Sekuel dari post : Rocker

Waktu itu pukul 7.12 malam. Aku tiba di perkarangan parking Wembley Arena. Keluar dari kereta, aku perhati keadaan sekeliling. Ada 2 orang awek gothic rambut merah duduk di bahu jalan dan sekumpulan mat saleh sedang pakai seluar ketat belakang kereta. Maklumlah, konsert rock. Tujuan aku datang pun sebab nak tengok band malaysia main, vokalis dia aku kenal masa sekolah dulu. Bila teringat yang dia tu jawa tapi berkebolehan menyanyi lagu inggeris, aku menumpang bangga walaupun dulu dia bukanlah seorang EMC mahupun pembimbing rakan sebaya.

Mahupun begitu, mereka tidak pernah lupa asal usul dan adat budaya Johor. Bayangkan main di wembley siap ada efek ghazal keroncong. Sebagai orang Johor sejati, aku menumpang bangga lagi sekali. Kalau dijemput Noraniza Idris mungkin lagi kick aku rasa. Lepas tu berduet perform lagu Pak Ngah. 

"Wuuyaii, kalau betul best ni. Crowd mesti gila punya, elakkan berkampung macam woodstock ni karang"

Perlahan-lahan aku tersenyum bila membayangkan zaman Siti Nurhaliza dan Noraniza Idris dulu yang kalau masih ingat, hampir semua rumah yang aku pergi raya mesti ada membeli VCD karaoke mereka. Video clipnya pula mesti ada Pak Ngah main accordion. Entah betul ke tidak Pak Ngah tu goreng accordion dalam video clip. Entah-entah gaya je. 

"Ah biorlah, Pak Ngah tu pun entah apa cerita sekarang ye"

Selesai hal Pak Ngah, aku pandang langit dan mencari buruj pari. Kalau mengikut ilmu astronomi, buruj pari ni untuk menentukan arah kiblat. Belah kiri buruj pari ni menunjukkan arah ke barat. Nasib aku baik sebab malam tu cuaca baik dan bintang pun terang, jadi tak perlu guna teleskop.

"Ajib, mana sejadah yang aku suruh letak dalam kereta?"

Tatkala bulan dan bintang terang, cuaca pun baik, sejadah pulak tertinggal. Aku panas hati betul dengan Ajib malam tu. Padahal dah berkali-kali aku ingatkan hal sejadah ni ke dia sebelum bertolak tadi. Dia bukan tak tau, dekat area wembley ni mana nak cari surau. Tapi aku diamkan je hal Ajib ni, karang tegur lebih sikit mulalah nak balik merajuk. Nama je roker tapi hal-hal lembut macam ni bukan lah perkara mudah untuk di handle oleh Ajib. 

Oleh kerana waktu tu dah hampir 7 setengah, aku segerakan juga ibadah beralaskan jaket kulit yang mana gambar tengkoraknya tu aku palingkan ke jalan tar. Selesai wirid, aku terus masuk ke arena konsert. Waktu tu Kepalmawie baru setting gitar beliau. Di belah belakang drum set kelihatan member Kepalmawie yang lain sedang duduk melunjur kaki. Mungkin ini dia Pian Remuk, drummer yang selalu keluar URTV tu. Dengar cerita dia ada kencing manis, tapi aku pun tak pasti sangat cerita pasal Pian ni. Cerita pasal Kepalmawie banyak la jugak aku tau. Kadang-kadang Kak Som kerani di ofis aku tu selalu tertinggal majalah hiburan kat tempat buat kopi. Sambil minum kopi, aku selak la sikit-sikit baca hal artis. Tahun 2009 tak silap, kepalmawie ni putus tunang dengan Jeslina Hashim. Tak lama lepas tu timbul pulak gosip dia bergaduh dengan Radhi Khalid di set filem. Ni baru-baru ni dia menafikan berhubungan sulit dengan Uji Rashid. Boleh tahan juga eksotik taste kepalmawie ni.