Monday, April 29, 2013

Javanese Mask

I satisfied with my simple header picture. Actually I got that from Jenny Suk's wordpress so I took it from that wordpress theme. I always love paintings since I was in school but I know the good one will cost you damn much (classic Javanese painting which I prefer). Since I don't have my own place, and my dad isn't a "painting" friendly so its okay. I once have this giant picture in my room and he kept on asking me to put it down. It's my room so in that area I'm the boss so who cares? Then after some time, when I got back from boarding school for holiday, Mr. Bruce wan't there anymore. That time you can feel the coziness.. and empty at the same time. Since that day I just like the way my room is.

I told Miss Auni once that I'm gonna buy Javanese fretwork and put it in the house. She simply said "NOO!" without mercy. *sigh* I know it is not recommended for us Muslims to put things like that in the house. 

Buy this and put it on the wall, just right above the TV. Your kids won't spend much time on cartoons anymore. Bam! Problem settled!

ps : Watch out too Miss Auni. Hehe


  1. Amboiboiboiiii. Taknak lah saya sorang-sorang kat rumah, tetiba benda ni kenyit. Habissss. hahaha

    Btw, nice header! :D

    1. Kalau taknak, kita beli hello kitty. How's that sound? haha