Thursday, April 18, 2013

Little Boy

When I was a little kid, I still remember when we had a bad time. We need to save up really bad, and at that time I was just a boy in primary school.

At that time we had so many extra class for the UPSR examination. So, we need to stay back after school time for 2 more hours and the class ended at 6 if I'm not mistaken. My mum had to cut out our expenditure on my bus. That's mean I only went to school by bus and my dad will fetch me up right after work. My dad really working hard on his thing, the business and stuff. I am 12 but I can understand that economic scene was bad at that time.

When the classes ended, my friends will run to the main gate with excitement thinking of going back. Some of them by bus and I can surely say most of them with their parent. I will looking for my dad outside the main gate first even though I knew he's going to be late because of things that I know much more important at least to our family. There, I will sit at the little usual place behind the guard's room, a wooden chair with a small roof.

Sometime when its really late, I will walk back home. It's kind of cool actually walking home from school, feel like you're big enough just like the guy with green pants with fancy necktie from the secondary schools. Plus, its not so far.

I still remember this one time, my dad asked me why I walked back home and didn't wait for him. I said, its not a big deal because its late in the evening and the guard always have to wait for me to close the main gate.

And he said to me :

"Remember this time very well, when we at the downside of life. The struggle and hardship we are facing, you remember it so you won't forget the hardship of other people when you grow up someday"

It been years and now I know what kind of hardship he meant. Never looked down on people no matter how great you are. What is the use of status and money when we ignore other people in need?

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  1. Indeed. Hard times taught us many things that simple ordinary life cannot. 'Give and take' is the rule. When we have 'kesenangan', we share that 'kesenangan' to others too. Believe me, it would be doubled.