Saturday, April 13, 2013

University Malaysia Pahang Interview

I've been on interview last week held at Oktyaberskaya Hotel with the representative from University Malaysia Pahang. Actually I didn't give my name for interview earlier and  decided to join one day before as walk-in. 

The interview wal all about the UMP's program to develop a marine faculty which consist various of professional man power from different countries such as Russia, Germany and United States. Whoever selected will be doing their masters program for 1 year and half in UMP and 4 years Phd in United states

The interview was excellent and although it is not my top priority but it is kind of a good question regarding my future. So far we got 6 successful candidates for this program out of 10 and we don't know who are they yet. 


  1. mind to share what kind of questions they asked? :)

    1. Its about your knowledge level here, but not really really serious question. You can apply for next year