Thursday, April 25, 2013

We Are Marines

(Left to right)- Mr. Cistiakov(power plant), Mr. Shamberov(automatics), Mr. Arkhipov(boilers), Mr. Chernov(pumps) 

This week I got bundle of projects to submit and Alhamdulillah everything went well, same goes with the exams. InsyaAllah by next week we'll done with papers and start to concentrate on the final project which will define our degree.

I got consultation at 3 pm today on the machine details, some kind of engineering subject which I don't know how to explain in english but I surely know that it is compulsory and very important to naval architectures which is not me. I'm in marine engineering field, about the power plant of ship (engine, boiler, system etc) but naval architecture more to designing (that's why there's word "architecture" I suppose?)

So after exam on SEU at 8.30 am and Automatics at 12 pm, I went back home and waiting for that consultation which is at the different building.  The important thing I'm trying to say is on my way to campus, somehow I feel I'm gonna miss Saint Petersburg after graduated. Apparently I have 2 months left to enjoy the warm summer of mother Russia. No matter how bad people talk about living in Russia, (about the system and cost of living), still I feel so grateful being here and learn on this Russian land.

The final project will start on May, gonna be hectic with my advisor Mr. Danilovski. I hope the best for the 3rd batch of Malaysian engineering students of Saint Petersburg, best of luck marines!


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    1. sorry, budak U. you have another year. haha

  2. sekejap je aku rasa ko grad.. pergh.. aku lambat lagi nak merasa jd bdk grad..

    1. Been 4 years already and its time :)