Monday, May 20, 2013

Man of Honor

Its 6.03 in the morning. 20 minutes ago I was on my bed lying down trying to sleep as I have meeting with my advisor, Mr. Danilovski at 1. Unfortunately I can't sleep. So I get up, took my ipad and called my dad.

He picked my call with his usual panic voice as if something bad happened. Usually, if I have something important to tell, I would call my mum rather than my dad. I don't know the reason why I choose like that but for me it is not a big deal anyway. But this time is different. I called my dad.

Our conversation started just the same like always, a question for me if I am doing okay. I said I am all okay and he moved to another topic which is parent's favorite question ; exam.

We talked a little bit and I asked him about his health, work and how's the family. From our conversation, I heard glass clinking. Its 10 am over there and I know his routine having teh tarik at this time.

He always taught me how to be a man. A man should act like a real man. A real man should be gentle, a real man should respect other people so we get respect in return, never take other people belongings, and always seek for forgiveness. His very first advice when I was in boarding school for the first time is ; If you do anything wrong and your teacher reported to me, I will disappointed with you. I will forgive you somehow but not hurting other kids. That's I won't forgive you.

He taught us with full of love. I never saw him using harsh words in front of family and never lay a finger on us but correct us in a very gentle way. Sometime when we having roti canai outside, he would tell me his plans for family and from that, I know how much he care and love us.

I was in boarding school and he late for my graduation when I was in form 3 and can't attend my graduation when I was in form 5. I don't feel disappointed with him in fact I am proud because he tried. He once told me ; There are things that I can't give to you but you can always ask them. Not to me but to god. He owns everything.

Sometime its such a relief just to hear his voice over the phone and have our so ordinary talk. I am proud of you :)

Lots of love,
your son.

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  1. Now I know from where your gentleman comes from ;)