Monday, May 20, 2013

Green Sampin

When I was in middle school, it is compulsory to attend "Sekolah Agama" in Johor. Our session started at noon so we got some time left for about an hour to lunch before changing our attire and walked to our sekolah agamal which is not far from our sekolah kebangsaan.

I still remember, me and my friends used to sit at the canteen on recess time and we talked about almost everything from wrestling to football. Sometime we planned our activity together for the weekend which will ended up playing fooball eventually.  When the school session ended, we will wait for each other in front of the school gate and going back home together.

One day I realized that its been days my friend, Syakirin didn't attend school. The thing is, we felt something not right when one of our friend seems missing. I still remember well the day when we don't wait for him in front of the gate because he never went to school anymore.

But then, almost everyday he will wait for us at the bus stop with his usual favorite tee and his bicycle. Me and my friend will spend sometime just to sit at the bus stop, eating  snacks together and tell stories like we used to while waiting for going back home.

After sometime I asked him why he never go to school again. Our teachers seem to forgot his name already as they didn't call his name again for attendance.

Then he said to me : My dad need to stop my schooling because it cost a lot of money. Text books are so expensive, baju melayu, songkok and stuff too. It cost too much and there's no other way than just stop.

I just listen to him silently. Then I remember how me and my dad going out to buy the songkok and baju melayu. You know, at that time as a kid your baju melayu always getting smaller so fast. In fact it is you who growing up, not your baju melayu getting smaller.

Then I remember how expensive the textbooks. Later that day, I pull out all my textbooks. Sirah, Tajwid, Fiqah, every single of it. Then I flip them at the back and search for their prices. The most cheapest is about RM 9 if I'm not mistaken.

Then I understand well why he never goes to school ever again. The higher the education, means the bigger the price you have to pay. Our education system


  1. not being able to go to school due to financial problem is such a pity.

    1. I just hope the next generation won't have to go through this. Unfortunately in 2013 people in Malaysia still haunted by the debts due to high living cost. For eg my friend Syakirin, a brilliant guy with bright future, need to stop schooling just because his dad can't afford his studies. Where is the YB? Where is the people we vote to carry our future on his shoulder? To tell you the truth, this is still happening out there. As a Malaysian, I am disappointed