Monday, May 6, 2013

I Quit

The result of the general election of 2013 has been announced late night yesterday. I just can say that the result isn't what I'm expecting for. I thought about the reason for quite sometime yesterday and in fact we still discussing it today (me and my friends).

We Malaysian want a better country, a place of we as multiracial society can live together, helping each other and where the word "racism" doesn't apply. I found so many comments on social networking that full with racism. The Malays blamed the Chinese for having too much "power" as they said and the Chinese accused the Malays for not being fair to them as they also are citizens of Malaysia and pay the same tax as well.

That's the usual scene we can see but on our past GE, I found something interesting. Ghost voters/pengundi hantu. This is the dirtiest thing a political party can do and I believe it was not the first time. Lets take a look

I don't know if I can be proud holding our ID anymore if they can be bought this easy

This is not your country. You even spelled the PM's name wrong

Who are you to talk about the Bumiputera policy?

And now, racist sentiment? 

This Pakistanian publicly say MY country is HIS country, selling our own ID freely on social networking, bad talk to our Chinese and Indian friends. Just now I saw a footage of a middle aged woman in Baling, Kedah tried to claim her "money" after voting for Barisan Nasional. It was.. terrible and once again, I can say it was not the first time.

As a youth, as a Malaysian I felt so disappointed of this kind of political scene. You can win the parliament seats, you can win with money but you can't win the "trust" from your citizen if

I am the one entrusted to be the chairman of UMNO of Saint Petersburg, Russia for 2 years and given responsibilities to be the political inspector for the general election last week. With all due respect, I resign from any political/organization associated with UMNO and Barisan Nasional.