Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I was 10 when I had my first pet. It was a guppy, skinny body with a very pretty purple tail. I bought it at the pet shop on my way back from school with Farouk at that time. I still remember the uncle gave me that guppy in an inflated plastic back with some of it's food

When I reached home, I forgot a thing that is the most important; place for my pet. I changed my cloth, bring my guppy and rode my bicycle to Farouk's. Uncle Hashim was doing some gardening that time when he saw me with the fish. He is a fish lover, so he owns some of gigantic aquariums at his home.

I told him about my problem. He just laughed and told me to wait. Later, he went out with a small plastic aquarium that just nice for my fish to call it a home. I thanked him and went home without even seeing Farouk. I put my fish in that container along with the water. The uncle said that I shouldn't use tap water because of the chlorine. Voila! he seems happy with his new home

After a week or two, our school holiday season started. We as always would spend time at my grandpa's in Melaka. Unfortunately there's no way I could bring an aquarium in the car. So I just leave it at usual place, on the table.

After returning  from Melaka, my aquarium wasn't there anymore. It was on the floor, along with my guppy. I  just staring at it and suddenly my mom said it was bitten, by a cat. I didn't feel sad but more to angry. I hate  them because of their fur which is always give me uncomfortable feeling in my nose, and at that time I have another reason to hate them more. Since that day, every time I saw cats, I just feel hatred. I'll pick pebbles and throwing at them. I hate them  not because of it was one of their species killed my guppy but looking at them remind me of that moment of losing something I precious.

Sometime, the feeling of losing and missing something or someone is just complicated. It can be happy and sweet or it can be sad and sour. Your choice.


  1. u hate cats huh? i love cats but allergic to em. it is complicated right to lose some thing, but look on the bright side, myb u should get another pet.

  2. Haha yea I hate them cz of their fur. Now, I'm not interested in pet anymore -_-"