Saturday, May 25, 2013

Price of Honesty

I always believe that everything start with honesty. Without that quality, we won't get the result we want no matter how hard you try. Sometime everything will be a lot easier if you put your honesty in what you do.

When I was in Malaysia last November, I met a very good guy, a student from Jordan. He is the representative for the Malaysian community who fought for Islamic's student for getting scholarship.

Let me tell you briefly about the situation in Jordan. Mostly the student came to Jordan to pursue their studies in Islamic. So they applied for placement in university and went there by themselves. So after a year or two, they start to apply for government scholarship. But none of their application was taken seriously before.

This great guy I met fought for their rights. We all know this Islamic studies isn't a priority for government to give scholarship but he stand up and speak. Later that day, we become a close friend. I asked him about Jordan, I listened about his life and his friend's, and I learned many thing.

One evening after a meeting, we went to hotel where we staying together. It was raining and we walk along the PWTC sidewalk, then up the crossing bridge. It was packed of people because it's already late and of course, rain.

There was an old woman holding his son near the stairs. Wearing old batik, sitting on a piece of newspaper, and holding plastic cup for money.  The people just walked by as if that old woman is an invisible human. I can say most of them are wearing the white smart shirt with that little logo, a logo that was created to protect and to care Malay peoples. But no one stopped by, not even look at her, until this friend of mine stopped and giving RM 10 note.

That old woman just stared at him blankly as he walked away after giving a RM 10 note which to him doesn't mean anything compared to hardness that old woman gone through. He said to me if my fate is to be a leader for our people, I need to do job with honesty and never ever hoping for a big reward for everything I do in the future.

Yes. He is right. You can meeting all day, from early in the morning till late night in that beautiful building, wearing that logo which entrusted by million people, but what is the meaning of all that if you can't even help people in need just because they can't afford fancy suits like yours?

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