Saturday, June 15, 2013

Another Week

Next week would be the last week for me to spend time in Russia. I am so busy preparing my final year project presentation and at the same time, job hunting. I had submitted my CV to several companies mostly in marine technologies and oil and gas, so I received some replies, both, some disappoint me and some excite me. But its okay I just need to try more and be better for upcoming interviews.

So my final year presentation would be on 19th June, then meeting with embassy and MARA representatives on 21st, then going to Moscow on 22nd for 5 days. Basically I only have 5 days to spend after my trip back from Moscow, spending my last moment here no matter how hard my life was for the last 4 years it's still gonna be a memory that I will remember.

Then 1st July me and my friend will go to Istanbul for 5 days, chilling, relaxing, touring despite the chaos that we all know from the media. I don't know why but it's  the second time my holiday plan interrupted by this kind of event. My first winter holiday in 2010 was cancelled because of the chaos in Egypt and now this. But after did some research, they say the it still safe for tourist to go on with their summer holiday plan in Turkey. Hope so.

Then I will be in Malaysia on July 5th, my sister gonna fetch me and my friend. Its Friday so I will use my sister's car and spend 2 days in Melaka, my parent's second home waiting for Monday to settle up with MARA headquarters then drive to Terengganu. I'm gonna spend my 1st Ramadhan in Terengganu, with my friend's family then home on 3rd or 4th Ramadhan.

Tomorrow have to call Mr. Zulkifli for some phone questionnaires regarding my application to Petronas Carigali Sdn. Bhd. and I really hope I get a job before October. One thing about work, don't be to choosy even you are overseas graduate. Start humbly, gain experience as much as you can, be responsible and make it your priority. I believe that.


  1. 1st Ramadhan in Terengganu? Which part of Terengganu?

    btw, good luck Juice. I agree with u, start humbly and gain experience as much as you can. In sya Allah you can get the job. And dont forget to niat lillahitaala.

    1. Thank you for the wish! :) Terengganu dekat Kuala Terengganu, Chendering. about the job, yea nawaitu kena ikhlas and InsyaAllah segalanya dipermudah.

  2. wow. dah nak habis dah. kejap je kan? goodluck for the job hunting. :)