Monday, June 9, 2014

Concept Karma

Sometime I wonder if its worth of lending hand when there are no hands for you when you really need one. I thought the law is to give and take in everything. Like karma, you will get good when you did good or you will receive bad when you did bad.

There, I believe those law, the give and take. The sole problem is when you gave all yours but nothing ever coming back at you. Then I start thinking wether the law is reliable or it just me can't comprehend the meaning of the law I believe in.

To think about it, led me to 2 different question which gave the same answer ;

1) Are you really expecting some nice reward in every good deeds you do? If so, where is your honesty?

2) Are you sure your good deeds are big enough, more than everybody so you think you deserve more than anybody else? If so, prove it.

The 2 simple questions, yet I did not have the answer. One thing I'm sure is, in everything I do, as long as it makes me happy and everybody around me happy too, it is enough. The concept of life is that, the basic reason of life ; happiness. What's more wonderful than a happy life?

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