Friday, September 4, 2015

Sax Player or Banker?

Sometime people just being too cautious in life. Then they came up with plan A and plan B. Instead of being the thing they want to be, they need another solution as assurance so if they fail the first, they would choose the second.

I really adore people who just know what they want to be. As people keep saying ; we create our own destiny. I don't really agree on that but to adore and to agree are 2 different things.

Imagine a banker who really want to be a sax player. One day he just pack his sax with some cloth, buy a one way ticket to Bali and start to play in jazz clubs. It's like rejuvenating life, starting a new phase in life ; the life that we live in honesty of what we really want to be.

Most of us say we are being realistic. Who would leave a job in a world leading bank to be a club's musician?

But the question is ; how honest we live our life?